Promise Timer

“My child doesn’t keep time…”
Parents with small children, about 2-3 years old, will be able to understand this problem.

  • I have to return from the park soon…
  • I want my child to stop playing video games in 30 minutes
  • My child’s watching YouTube but I want to stop it…

At that time, it’s very difficult to tell your child, “You have last 10 minutes.”
Promise timer is an app that is useful in such a case.

What kind of app, Promise Timer?

Promise timer is the timer app for children who do not yet understand the time.
Cute animal characters will tell your child the time lapse.

Select your favorite character from the animals lined up.
dog, cat, pig and lion.

PromiseTimer choose an animal

If you’ve chosen a cat, all you have to do is show the screen to your child and say “Let’s go home if a cat is here!”, When making a promise.

How to use the Promise Timer

It’s very easy to use.

1. Decide the time, choose an animal

PromiseTimer Screen1

Decide the time and the animal and press “Promise”.

2. Wait until the time has passed.

PromiseTimer Screen2

Wait until the time has passed.
It is okay if the screen goes off and goes to sleep.

3. Notify the result

PromiseTimer Screen3

When the time has passed, a cute animal character will appear!
Show the screen to your child and let them know that the time has passed.

How effective is this app?

My child still can’t understand the time.
Before I create Promise Timer, I said to my child with pointing to the minutes on the digital clock, “Let’s go home when this is a circle (that is, 0 minutes).”

If this, I can only promise 10 minutes as a unit, and I have only one minute chance to tell that the minutes became circle.
In addition, it isn’t fun for a child to see the minute is round, so he can’t keep his promise.

“Maybe my child don’t understand the circle in the first place?”
I thought so, so I wanted to try it with an animal that even children can understand.
Then I came up with the app, Promised timer!

After all, My child could understand a cat!

When I made Promise timer and tried it, it was more effective than I expected.
When I showed the screen to my child and said “When you see a cat on this screen, let’s go home”, my child goes home than before.

Now, when it’s time to go home, my child became to understand to go home with just the words, “Select your favorite”.
In addition, sometimes he try to choose an animal from himself by saying, “I promise!”

It depends on the child, but I think it’s more effective than telling them, “Let’s go home in 10 minutes.”

To reduce the stress of raising children!

Raising a child is quite difficult …
Children is cute, but I think it’s often annoying because they don’t listen to what you say.

I would be very happy if this annoyance could be reduced with this app.
Please try it!

About Promise Timer

Available models

Android 6.0 over
Not available with iPhone


Not suitable for long timers. Recommended within 30 minutes.
(Depending on the specifications of Android, the app may be terminated if a long sleep occurs)

Available countries

Over 100 countries

About ads

A banner ad is displayed at the top of the screen of character selecton screen,
and a full screen ad will be displayed at a 1/10 chance, when the timer starts.

About the illustration

The illustrations used in this app are created by YAAM.
The copyright belongs to the creator, YAAM. Use without permission is prohibited.

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