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Promise Timer is an app that informs time to a child who do not know the time.
Cute animals will tell you the elapse of time.
By using animals to promise the time, your child will be able to keep promises.

The child does not keep time. This is a common problem when you are raising children.
Why are you not punctual? One of the reasons is that children do not understand time.
if they don’t understand the time, they will not keep their promises, even if you say, ‘I’ll go home in 10 minutes!”
If you want to tell the time, you need to tell by using something what they can understand. Then you can use the app, “PromisedTimer”.

PromiseTimer will display the animals after a set amount of time.
Even 2 or 3 year olds may be able to understand animals.
For example, if you have selected a dog, show your smartphone screen and say “I’ll go home if my doggy comes here”, and they’ll understand that if a dog comes out, they will go home.

You can choose from four types of animals: dogs, cats, pigs, and lions.
You can expect your child to be more likely to keep his promise if he or she chooses their favorite animal.

How to use

The timer can be started by three operations.

お約束タイマー 画面1

1. Input the time
  Select in minutes.
2. choose an animal
  Select an animal from 4 types: dog, cat, pig and lion.
3. Push Promise button
  ress the “Promise” button to start the timer.
4. After a lapse of time
  The selected animal will be displayed larger on the screen.

Compatible models

Android 6.0 later
Not compatible with iPhone


download images

download images

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