Privacy Policy

The App named “PromiseTimer” is posted.
Please download the app only if you agree to the privacy policy.

About the Acquisition of personal information

This app does not collect personal information.

About storage

This app does not save any files.

About camera

Not used in this app

About Bluetooth

Not used in this app

About Ads

In this app, we place banner ads and full screen ads.

1. banner ads

Banner ads is placed on the top of screen in the time select screen.
Positions may change in the future.

2.fullscreen ads

After pressing the timer start button, it will be posted before the transition to the screen that displays the remaining time.
It is posted about 10% of the time.
Availability is subject to change in the future.

Others (About network connections and full network access)

Used when posting ads in app.


The disclaimers for the promise timer (hereinafter referred to as “this app”) are as follows.

About the accuracy of the information of this app

We strive to post as accurate information as possible on the content and information of this app.
However, incorrect information can get in and the information can become outdated.
It does not guarantee accuracy.
Nor does it guarantee legality or security.

Liability for damage

Please note we are not responsible for any damages caused by the content posted on this app.
Also, if you are moved to other sites by links or banners posted on this app, we do not take any responsibility for information, services, etc. provided on the destination site.

We are not liable for any damages caused to users due to the suspension of services by this app due to force majeure caused by maintenance, fire, power outage, other natural disasters, viruses or interference by third parties, etc. of this app.
If you use this app, you need to do everything at your own risk.

Copyright and portrait rights of images posted on this application

Copyrights, portrait rights, etc. of the images posted in this app belong to each right holder.

About app introduction

You are free to introduce this app.
When introducing, please specify the link to the page on the GooglePlay download page.
However, links from the following genre sites are prohibited.

  • Pornographic website
  • Sites with dangerous or defamatory content
  • Sites that post content that promotes wrongdoing
  • Sites with illegal content

Prohibition of unauthorized reproduction

Unauthorized use of copyrighted works, such as images, existing in this appl is prohibited.